West Coast Walking Trail Preparation – Explore the Bear Country

West Coast walking trail preparation - explore the bear country

If you like challenges then you will love this, because it requires you to adventure on the walking trails of the bear country, or as you may know in Canada. The most impressive destination for walking is the West Coast, located on Vancouver Island.A more simple option is the Juan de Fuca trail, but if you travel to Canada for adventure, then the West Coast Trail is the perfect one to try. Everyone who tried this trail stated that it is a challenge both physically and mentally. If you want to successfully finish the trail, then you should believe in yourself, and start the challenge confident in your strength. Beginners end up comparing themselves to Frodo, but as you already know Frodo successfully finished his challenge, and so will you. The trial has almost 75 km, and there will be moments when you will think that you are experiencing the most difficult moments of your life, and you will probably do. But it is totally worth the effort.

Make Sure You Book Your Trail

If you want to accept this challenge, then you should make sure that you decide when the start day is, and you reserve it. You can have the adventure of your life only from May 1 to September 30. In case you want to explore the West Coast Trail together with your friends then you should make sure that you announce the group prior because only a limited number of people have access on the trail at the same time. You should check the available dates from December the prior year, in order to book the trail when you want.

How Much Will You Have to Pay for the Trail?

You should know that hiking here is affordable but not cheap. You will have to pay a certain fee to get a permit from the Backcountry Use and Overnight Camping for the period you will spend on the trail. The fee is around $130 CDN per person, but if you book in time you may get a discount. Also, you will need money to purchase a map of the trail and it may cost you around $190.

Check Transportation Options

After you get your permit you will have to decide what transportation option is the right one for you. It is advisable to have your own car, but in case you are a foreigner, then you can take the West Coast Trail Express. If you want to take the bus then you should make sure you have a reservation.

What Should You Take with You on the Trail?

What should you take with you on the trail?

You will not be able to buy gear or food on the trail, so make sure you bring it with you. Also, you will not have a place where to throw the garbage, and you are not allowed to burn it. Make sure you carry everything you need because all the essentials you will have to use when in the bear country, you will have to put in your backpack. You should invest in high-quality outdoor gear, and what is most important make sure it is a lightweight one.