Best Ski Trails and Resorts in Canada and Why Should Everybody Visit Them

June 29, 2018 Best ski trails and resorts in Canada and why should everybody visit them

With plentiful of pure white snow, Canada seems to be just the perfect ski destination, one of the few across the world with so many skiing opportunities. Friendly locals and well-developed ski resorts certainly contribute to the experience, but also the friendlier trails, which don’t require a guide.

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Breathtaking Canadian Mountain Bike Towns to Check on Your List

June 22, 2018 Breathtaking Canadian mountain bike towns to check on your list

If you are passionate about extreme sports, as soon as the snow will melt, you will leave your snowboard and you will take your bike to explore some new biking paths. And there is a good reason to do it because the adrenaline you feel when you ride the bike on bumpy paths cannot be compared with the one you feel when you slide on snow.

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Discover the Most Popular Walking Trails in Canada

June 13, 2018 the most popular walking trails in Canada

Some people identify themselves as walkers, while others identify themselves as hikers. Is there really any difference between walking and hiking?

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West Coast Walking Trail Preparation – Explore the Bear Country

June 5, 2018 West Coast walking trail preparation - explore the bear country

If you like challenges then you will love this, because it requires you to adventure on the walking trails of the bear country, or as you may know in Canada. The most impressive destination for walking is the West Coast, located on Vancouver Island.

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